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About USPS Membership

Membership is by application and is for anyone who shares our common love of boating, has passed The Squadron Boating Coursesm (or equivalent), and who is interested in advancing the objectives of the organization: the education of members, participation in civic programs, and the creation of an atmosphere of friendship and camaraderie among members.

Active members must be at least 16 years of age; there are no age considerations for family members.

Types of Membership

Active Member - provides full membership privileges and responsibilities, which include voting, holding elective or appointed office, serving on and /or chairing a committee, earning a merit mark, attending and participating in meetings and social activities, taking educational courses, paying dues, receiving a copy of the monthly National magazine - The Ensign , receiving a copy of the monthly Squadron newsletter - The Breeze.

Additional Active Member - One who resides in the same household and is in the same squadron of an active member. This member pays 1/2 of the National dues of the active member. This member enjoys all the rights and privileges of an active member.

Family Member - available to members of the family of an active member. This includes the spouse of an active member and all persons related by blood, legal adoption or marriage, who reside with or are dependents of an active emeber. Family members may attend and participate at all General Meetings of the squadron, but may neither vote nor hold elective or appointed office. Family members can take educational courses and attend social functions, but they cannot fly the USPS Ensign or Greensboro Power Squadron Burgee. They are eligible to earn merit marks. Dues to this member are less than those paid by the Additional Active Member.

Junior Family Member - a dependent of an active member who resides in the same household and is less than 16 years of age. A junior family member is accorded all the privilege s and responsibilities of family membership.

Note: A husband and wife may both elect to hold an active membership. There must be at least one active member per household.

Contact the Membership Chairman or Commander.

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