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Public & Member Educational Courses

Public Boating Course

America's Boating Course
America's Boating Course

Member Advanced Grade Courses

Seamanship Course
Piloting Course
Advanced Piloting Course
Advanced Piloting
Junior Navigation Course
Junior Navigation
Navigation Course

Member Elective Courses

Cruise Planning Course
Cruise Planning
Engine Maintentance Course
Engine Maintenance
Instructor Development Course
Instructor Development
Marine Electronics Course
Marine Electronics
Sail Course
Weather Course

USPS Seminars

Using VHF, SSB & VHF/DSC Marine Radio
VHF Seminar
Using GPS
GPS Seminar
How To Use A Chart
Charting Seminar
Onboard Weather Forecasting
Weather Seminar
Boat Handling Under Power
Boat Handling Seminar
Sail Trim & Rig Tuning
Sail Trim Seminar
Paddle Smart & Sea Kayaker
Paddle Smart Seminar

2011 - 2012 Educational Class Dates

Seamanship - First Lutheran Church - 1900
Piloting - First Lutheran Church - 1900
Advanced Piloting - First Lutheran Church - 1900
Junior Navigation - First Lutheran Church - 1900
Navigation - First Lutheran Church - 1900
Cruise Planning
Engine Maintenance - First Lutheran Church - 1930
Instructor Development - First Lutheran Church - 1900
Marine Electronics - First Lutheran Church
Sail 101 - First Lutheran Church - 1900
Weather - First Lutheran Church - 1900
How to Use a Chart
Using GPS -
Onboard Weather Forecasting
Using VHF & VHF/DCS Marine Radio
Boat Handling Under Power
Sail Trim & Rig Tuning
Paddle Smart & Sea Kayaker
Operations Training - First Lutheran Church - 1900

If Guilford County schools are closed due to weather, we will not have class. If you have questons Call Lt/C Hardy Spence (H) 336-292-9986 or send email to course questions
Member classes meet at First Lutheran Church, 3600 W Friendly Ave, Greensboro, NC.
Map to Lutheran Church

America's Boating Course

Boat Smart From The Start - Wear Your PFD

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