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Raft up on the Northeast Cape Fear River

What is GPS, D/27 & USPS®?

Greensboro Power Squadron is one of 450 Squadrons that are units of United States Power Squadrons ® (USPS®), the world's largest non-profit boating safety education organization. GPS teaches safe boating classes that will help you have safe fun on the water and is one of the twenty squadrons of District 27. District 27 is one of 33 Districts which make up USPS® that is heaquartered in Raleigh, NC. We welcome power and sail boaters and boat ownership is not a requirement for membership, just a willingness to support the principles and goals of USPS ®.

We promote "Safe Boating Through Education."

GPS offers AMERICA'S BOATING COURSE to the public.

USPS Triangle

Self Education

Squadron members are encouraged to continue their boating education by taking Advanced Grade Courses:

Advanced Piloting
Junior Navigation

Squadron members also have the opportunity to take Elective Courses:

Cruise Planning
Engine Maintaince
Instructor Development
Marine Electronics

Civic Service

Greensboro Power Squadron offers America's Boating Course in the spring and fall to power boaters, sail boaters & jet skiers and is open to the public . USPS® has educated more than 3 million boaters to date. Successfully completing a USPS® boating safety course meets the educational requirements in all states and is a requirement for squadron membership.
GPS performs Vessel Safety Checks at local lakes and marinas. Vessel Safety Checks are a courtesy examination of your boat to verify the presence and condition of certain Safety Equipment that is required by State and the Federal Regulations. Vessel Examiners are trained specialist and also make certain recommandatiions and discuss certain safety issues that will make you a safer boater.
Greensboro Power Squadron members also help NOAA keep their nautical charts accurate by reporting chart corrections and Geodetic Marker Recovery.

Geodetic Marker Located At
Bald Head Lighthouse

Recording Depths At Co-Op Charting
on the bridge of Half Nelson

Cooperative Charting Program of the United States Power Squadrons® is conducted in close coordination with the Marine Chart Division, National Ocean Service, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration of the U.S. Department of Commerce. The Program is a major public service of USPS. Click on the above link to learn more about the program

Fraternal Boating Club

Numerous boating activities and socials are a part of GPS. Cookouts, Banquets/Dinners, Cruises, and Fishing Rendezvous are just a few of the events held each year. Membership involvement is a big part of GPS.

Raft Up On the Trent River

Fishing Rendezvous

The $300.00 Fish


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Boat Smart From The Start - Wear Your PFD

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