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Craig Thomas - Executive Director

Mary's House was born in early 1996 when the Homeless Mission Group of New Creation Community Church decided to create transitional housing for homeless women struggling with addiction to drugs and alcohol. Because of t he serious gap in the community services for women with children, the Homeless Mission Group focused on women with children in our mission statement. The group contacted others who had personal and professional concern for women in recovery: members of the A.A. and N.A. communities, churches, professionals in social service agencies and treatment facilities, and many whose families were affected by addiction. The Rev. Beth McKee-Huger, an Episcopal deacon, served as the coordinator during the process of community outreach, research of licensing requirements, development of program, and fundraising.

During this time, hundreds of community members volunteered their expertise and labor and contributed funds and household items to create this special home. Local foundations and churches also provided the essential start-up funds for opening the doors of our first home. The broad support of the community makes Mary's House unique among licensed substance abuse treatment residential programs for mothers and children in North Carolina. Mary's House is one of the few programs in the United States that allows the minor children to reside with the mother while the mother is in treatment for substance abuse.

Mary's House began to provide emergency assistance to needy families to help prevent homeless in 2006. As of July 1, 2011, we stopped providing emergency assistance to the general public.

We have a grant from the City of Greensboro and FEMA to help families with past due rent, utilities and
deposits to help secure a first time residence.

Milestones in the Development of Mary's House

· April 1996, New Creation community called first meeting of potential supporters

· June 1996, Secretary of State of North Carolina incorporated Mary's House, Inc. It is named for Mary Magdalene, a woman described in the New Testament as being possessed by seven demons, thoroughly diseased and beyond help.

· January 1997, Greensboro City Council approved special use zoning permit to build a group home for 24 residents at 520 Guilford Ave.

· April 1997, IRS approved tax-exempt status as a 501(c)3 organization

· October 1997, Mary's House launched a capital campaign to raise funds for building this permanent home

· December 1997, HUD approved a grant for a portion of the construction costs and a portion of staffing costs under the Homeless Continuum of Care program; staff hired and rented a temporary house for our pilot project.

· January 1998, North Carolina Division of Facility Services approved license for the pilot project

· February 1998, Mary's House welcomed first residents

· June 1998, Hiring of Executive Director and groundbreaking for new facility.

· July 1998, Mary's House began construction of the permanent home at 520 Guilford Ave.

· February 1999, Completion of construction of new home.

· February 28, 1999, The residents moved into their new home!

· January 25, 2005, Mary's Homes funded for 16 scattered site homes in Greensboro

· April 2005, Mary's Homes started admitting families

· 2006, Mary's House began to provide emergency assistance to needy families to help prevent homeless

· 2010, Mary's Homes-High Point was approved for six permanent housing vouchers.

· 2013, Mary's Homes-High Point is at capacity and we have applied for six additional vouchers as the bonus project from HUD.